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Howling Pups and Sleepless Nights

New puppies are a joy – most of time. However, like babies, puppies can cause many a sleepless night, and like babies the amount of noise they can make is deafening! Puppies cry from fear, pain, hunger and when they need to go to the toilet. But the main reason...

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Wet Greetings

Does your puppy or adult dog greet you and your visitors with little puddles of pee? You may feel embarrassed or worse. I had a client who felt they had to tell their visitors they had never punished their dog whenever the dog deposited wet deposits on their shoes. ...

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Dogs with big smiles

Sometimes a client will brush off a particular behaviour exhibited by their dog with ‘well, that’s just what Jack Russell’s do isn’t it?’ Do we then just accept that collies chase cars, spaniels are mad and pit-bull types are dangerous? Hopefully not.

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10 Tips for Reactive Dogs

Barking, Lunging, Growling, Spinning? Is this normal behaviour for your dog when he or she sees another dog? Here are some tips to help you and your dog begin the process of make walks enjoyable for both of you again.

First, you are not alone!

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House Angel / Outside Nightmare

Living with a Reactive Dog Do you have a dog that is wonderful in the home but who turns into a growling, barking, lunging, whirling dervish when he goes out for a walk? Do you pick up his lead with trepidation and head out of the house at the crack of dawn or do you...

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Help! My Puppy Bites Me

Biting is a frustrating and painful stage of puppy development, but however fierce your puppy may sound, and however hard he bites, it is usually just playful and normal puppy behaviour. There are the three things that make biting worse in most puppies: Excitement:...

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To Rug or Not To Rug…?

With the sharp frosts, rain, wind and snow that accompany the winter months, our instinct is to worry about whether our 4 legged equine friends are cold. We often rush out and put a rug or two on them. But are we actually doing more harm than good? Horses are very...

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Choosing a Puppy

Getting a puppy is a wonderful and exciting event; but choosing the right one for you and your family should take time and careful consideration. Once you have decided on the breed you want here are a few tips to help you choose the puppy that will bring you and your...

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Things That Go Bang in the Night

It is that time of the year again. Fireworks, sparklers, scary masks and costumes are signs that autumn is well on its way and winter not far off. Halloween and Bonfire night are fun events for many of us; but many dogs and cats are acutely distressed by the sights...

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Barking Mad!

Barking is a dog’s natural method of communication. However, if a dog barks for a long time it may cause problems for the owners with the neighbours complaining. A dog that barks constantly may lead to the local authority serving a noise abatement notice on the...

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The Dog Who Ate a TV

Bridget is a lovely, gentle and very loving Staffy adopted from a rescue centre by her devoted owners. Her history is unknown, but her owners quickly discovered that she found it very difficult to be left alone in the house. I was introduced to Bridget after she had...

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Digby the Guard Dog

A blur of golden coloured cocker spaniel launched itself off the sofa as I entered. It was an exuberant and noisy welcome from Digby! Digby has bitten all members of his family, causing wounds that required medical attention. He growls and snaps if anyone attempts to...

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Meet Buck – The Dog Who Did Not Like Granny

Buck is very large, beautiful, 18 month old German Shepherd. He possesses a very loud bark, deep growl and a seemingly excessive number of teeth, all of which greeted me as I entered the house. His owner, Mary, had asked me to help with his behaviour towards her Gran,...

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My Dog Will Get Fat If I Train Him

Many of my clients worry about the quantity of treats they are expected to give their dog when carrying out behaviour modification or manners training. It is true that positive, reward-based training relies on food as the main motivator particularly in the early...

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Horses: Naughty or Misunderstood?

Are Horses 'Naughty'? Or Do They Just Need to Be Better Understood? Horses are often classified as being ‘naughty’ or ‘aggressive’ if they try to bite when saddled; refuse to stand at the mounting block or for the farrier or vet; or are difficult to catch. Our ability...

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