My business is positively resolving your dog’s behaviour issues.

Suffering from your dog’s separation anxiety? Alarmed when your dog behaves aggressively? Worried you’ll never enjoy normal activities with your fearful dog?

One-to-One Dog Training | Animal Training | South Oxfordshire

I’ll ease your stress with simple dog training solutions via my home-based programme.

Dog Training | Animal Training | South Oxfordshire

One-to-One Dog Behaviour & Training

With my help, you’ll enjoy:






Relaxing walks with your dog.












Peace in your home and a calm canine after a busy work day.










Joyful visits from family and friends, embarassment-free.










Fun! Imagine the adventures you’ll enjoy when your dog learns to ‘come’.





Ready to delight in your dog’s behaviour?

I’ll customize every session to maximize your dog’s progress.

Build Manners Package:

If you’re ready to establish manners with your new rescue dog, teach (or reteach) polite behaviour to your resident dog, or have recently finished puppy class and want to polish your puppy’s skills in real-life settings this package is for you.

Together, we’ll address:

● Basic manners every dog should know: sit, give, take, say please, and polite greetings—people and dog

● Self-control: not jumping or begging, and relaxing when asked

● Foundation lead walking skills

● 4 training sessions – £320


Improve Behaviour Package

This package is ideal for refining manners or resolving troublesome behaviours. I’ll guide you through new skills to enhance your dog’s repertoire, and we’ll practice behaviours where ever you need your dog to behave. If you’re embarrassed or worried about your dog’s anxiety, fear, or aggression, I’ll provide ways to get relief.

Together, we’ll address behaviours such as:

● Loose-lead walking skills, with more distractions

● Coming when called—the first-time

● Shy, fearful, or anxious behaviour—build your dog’s confidence where it counts

● Issues such as resource guarding – aggressive behaviour around food, toys, places

● Reactive and aggressive behaviour—growling, lunging, barking, snarling, and biting at people or dogs

● Initial Consultation and 4 training sessions – £400


Refine Behaviour Package

If behaviour problems have taken the fun out of life with your dog, or you want a dog who listens (no matter what), this is the programme for you. Revel in your dog’s calm behaviour in stressful or distracting environments, and build better coping skills for anxious, fearful, aggressive, or phobic dogs. You and your dog will gain confidence to navigate real-life situations.

Together, we’ll address behaviours such as:

● Excessive barking—teach quiet behaviour wherever you need

● Aggressive behaviour towards family members or strangers

● Predatory behaviour

● Being able to leave your dog alone so you can go out.

● Helping your dog cope with noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, vehicles, and more

● Initial Consultation and 5 Training Sessions –  £450

Total Recall Package

A dog that comes when called is a huge pleasure to own; but more importantly, a dog that comes when called is critically important and can literally save lives. 

Ignoring the recall, selective deafness and running away are common issues.

This package will teach you how you can overcome these problems and have a dog that comes back to you when you call him or her – every time.

Together, we’ll address:

● How to use rewards effectively to reinforce your dog’s behaviour

● Training with distractions

● Building distance and still have your dog return to you

● Future proofing your recall

● 4 Training Sessions –  £320


Not ready for a package?

I’m happy to provide training solutions—one session at a time—for £90/hour.


Better dog behaviour with positive, effective training techniques.

How it Works

Step One: Ring me up for a chat.

It’s FREE! I’ll listen to your concerns and answer your questions so you’re confident I’m the right fit for you and your dog*. (Vet referral)

Step Two: Schedule initial consultation.

I’ll evaluate your dog’s behaviour, answer questions, and provide tangible tips for accelerated improvement.

Step Three: Home-based training sessions.

I’ll customise every session based on your dog’s progress and your needs.


Dog Training | Animal Training | South Oxfordshire

Initial Consultation

Restore order to your home.

Schedule your initial consultation today.

What You’ll Get:

  • Clear analysis of your dog’s behaviour
  • Honest assessment of how long training will take
  • Expert advice for immediate relief
  • Tailored training plan for better dog behaviour

60-Minute Initial Consultation for £95.00


Why Choose Me? 

Knowledgeable: Enjoy training success via well-founded methods.

Recommended: Veterinarians recommend my services to their clients.

Positive: Relieve troublesome behaviours with a thoughtful and kind approach.

Convenience: Address your dog’s concerns where it matters – I’ll come to you!

Support: Ring me up with questions. I’m happy to help!


Dog Training | Animal Training | South Oxfordshire

Let me be your personal dog behaviourist. I’ll provide relief in every session.


My lovely clients agree.

Working with Valerie gave me so much confidence as a first-time dog owner. She listened to everything I had to say about what we were looking to gain from the one 2 one sessions and based our training around it as well as adding in training she believed to be useful to us. I fully recommend the Animal Behaviour Business and I can’t thank Valerie enough for the well-behaved puppy we are left with.

Lizzi Hewer-Connelly

Valerie is flexible with appointments, and is very easy to deal with. The advice she offered was in-depth, comprehensive, and really well tailored to our needs, whilst also being simple, understandable and effective.

A Happy Customer

Valerie is wonderful. We find her approach perfect for our four very individual rescue dogs. She has come into our home and without judgment or criticism she has delivered professional and clear guidance enabling us to stop tearing our hair out and become confident dog owners. We look forward to our sessions and truly enjoy Valerie’s professional teaching style and likeable nature. Our dogs love her too!

Betsy, Roxie, Jerry, Franky, Lexie and Joe Sparks

Thank you for all your help, you have done an amazing job, and if it wasn’t for you Nelson would’ve been rehomed.

Chelsea Young

We absolutely recommend Valerie if you and your pet are need of some coaching and support. I lacked confidence as a first time pet owner – good to read books but putting puppy skills into practice is a different matter altogether. Valerie patiently (and with great humour) helped us to understand our Vizsla better giving us great tips and techniques to bring about better behaviours (in all of us!) A big thumbs up for and thank-you to Valerie; we think you’re fab:-)

Debbie & Timm

The support we received from Valerie while training Bailey was invaluable. Bailey was a rescue dog with a difficult start in life – he had a few bad experiences in his previous home and when we got him he was terrified of pretty much everything! We were at our wit’s end as Bailey couldn’t even step outside the house without becoming extremely stressed and frightened.

Another Happy Customer

Having one dog that ran off and chased deer and one that had become aggressive towards other dogs turned walks into something that I dreaded. Valerie has been a life saver, understanding, encouraging and very practical, not just giving the theory, but coming out on walks to help me put her amazingly effective advice into practice. I would wholeheartedly recommend Valerie to anyone wanting help with their dog’s behaviour.

Sue Buys

Our dogs had developed some intractable bad habits, and Valerie gave us a completely different approach to tackle them. The dogs adored her and eagerly awaited every session. They have responded surprisingly quickly and have now turned a corner. We now have the confidence to continue reinforcing the new regime.

Esther Peacock

Valerie worked with us and Bailey and helped us understand why he behaved as he did, and also helped us to see things from his point of view. She was so kind and patient with Bailey and taught us ways to help Bailey cope with the outside world. Valerie’s knowledge, empathy and practical solutions have turned our walks from daily nightmares to enjoyable outings which are fun for Bailey and a million times less stressful for us!

Bailey and the Connor Family

A few months ago we got a rescue kitten to keep our other cat company! The introductions did not go well and the fur literally flew! Valerie helped us to understand how cats interact, and how to go about reintroducing the two cats to one another. She gave us strategies to help the older cat accept the kitten into her territory. Valerie’s knowledge, humour and empathy turned what was a nightmare situation into a happy two cat-household.

From Claude, Clive and the Sinclair Family

She manages to tread a fine line about being realistic regarding goals, and what can be achieved, with positivity that makes improvement seem possible. We have really valued her input, and have seen improvements already, both in our knowledge of how to deal with our dog’s behaviour, and the behaviour shown by our dog. We thoroughly recommend the Animal Behaviour Business!

Sarah, Rob and Choccy Simmons

I cover Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, the West Midlands and Shropshire.

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